January 24, 2010

Weekly Goals

This weeks goals should be fairly easy since we don't have a whole lot planned.
  • Keep on track with the menu plan.
  • Get enough sleep, no sleeping till 10.
  • Clean out the car.
  • Keep up with house work.
  • Work on letter "E" with little bear.
  • Library time with little bear this week.
  • No groceries unless its meat for the freezer or milk.
  • Take pictures at Mimi's birthday dinner.
  • Spend NO money unless its gas.
  • Mop my floors.
  • Go threw little bears room, sort threw clothes and toys for the shelter my mom works for. 
I think this is good for the week. We're suppose to get some snow again. It all melted off and we've been getting rain which I hate getting rain cause of all the mud. The weather man says we're to get more lake effect snow. The lake effect snow is the big wet heavy snow.. the boys will love it. Other than worrying about Mr. Bear going to work, it doesn't matter much to me. But I am looking forward to spring, since I'll officially become Mrs.Bear!!

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Lisa said...

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! I came over from Carries Recipes. :)