January 07, 2010

Vikki's BBq Chicken Bites

Ok so I've gotten a bit of interest in my Bbq chicken bites. They are so simple and yummy.

As much chicken as you need.

3 Chicken breast
salt, pepper, garlic powder
your favorite bbq sauce (KC masterpiece for us)

Dice up your chicken into bite sized pieces. Fry in a lil butter, or olive oil, and season up. Once its cooked threw, coat the chicken with your sauce and let it simmer so it can thicken up... tada!


Keli said...

yummmm I want to go make these NOW. (might I mention it's midnight here...) thanks for posting the recipe and leaving it for me on my blog. :) i can't wait to try it!

Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

thank you for the sweet comments
and best wishes to you on your GED!! Math is going to be a pain hahaha I am glad it's the last subject

Passport To Savings And Food said...

This sounds so easy. It would be perfect for a pot luck. Just add some toothpicks and instead of BBQ weenies its BBQ chicken. Thanks for posting it.