September 19, 2011

Family happenings

The past couple days we have had some beautiful fall weather. Just perfect for me.. I love warm days and crisp nights. The only dilemma I have this year is knowing how to dress Aubriella if we plan to leave for most of the day. I have been layering her clothes, but I feel bad for putting so many clothes on her. At least as the day warms up and cools back down, she has what is needed. Amoung other happenings, Anthony lost his first tooth, his bottom, front, left tooth. He did very well on his spelling test this week, the repetition has been really helping him. On Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning we had a very bad lightening storm come threw and sure enough my fears happened.. our home and tree were struck by lightening. Thankfully no fire because it was raining it didn't catch, I did smell singed pine needles from the tree though. I have never heard such a loud crack of thunder or see such a bright light in my life.. some how my husband slept right threw.. all we lost was our TV, x-box, home theater, dvd player, and our modems for the computers. I thank God that was it. When our son was 6 weeks old we lost everything in an apartment fire, I don't think we could do that again having our 4 month old daughter. We had a nice family day trip yesterday when we drive up state to see the elk in the Elk County vistors area. I can't believe how big elk are and how beautiful they are. Aubriella even enjoyed all the fresh air and fell asleep on our wagon ride. Speaking of Aubriella, gotta scoot, she's fussing for me. Happy Monday!

September 12, 2011

Menu Plan Monday September 12th.

Well into September already!! My lil fella has been in school on this 3rd week already & recently discovered he has his very first loose tooth! Today our wee girl turns 4 months old too!! Boy time sure does fly. She had her check up last week and the doctor says she is perfect, which of course I already knew.

Monday- Taco Ring topped with sour cream, lettuce, & tomato.
Tuesday- Italian Sticky Chicken, corn on the cob from our garden, and Mashed potatoes with bacon and cheddar.
Wednesday- Beef and Barley soup with crusty bread
Thursday- Stuffed shells and bread
Friday- Honey BBQ ribs and cole slaw, corn from the garden.
Saturday- L.O. Buffet or Chinese take out.
Sunday- MIL's for dinner I do believe

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! For more menu plans visit Organizing Junkie!

September 02, 2011

Christmas in September?

Anyone else thinking Christmas thoughts yet?? I'm well aware people are thinking I am nuts, and ya know what? I probably am.. but that is a whole 'nother post.  I usually begin my Christmas shopping this time of year. There is lots of clearance and sales to be had right around this time, and its great to have a nice stash of stuff already taken care of around the time November rolls around. We buy a little something for everyone in our immediate family so it can really add up. If I buy something here and there now, its not as a huge expense later. So while I'm off in town later on this morning I will be keeping my eyes open for some great Christmas deals. As long as I don't forget where I stashed it later.. not that that has ever happened!!

September 01, 2011

September Goals


1. Continue to get up at 6:30 am (way too early) and keep a bedtime routine for the kids.

2. Defrost and re-organize the deep freezer. I've been using up everything so I can defrost it since it has an inch or so of ice build up on the sides. I also bought some color coordinated milk crates at Wal-Mart to make finding things easier. I hate leaning over and digging around forever in there to find some. And mostly hate my poor freezer burnt fingers afterward.

3. Decorate for fall.

4. Plan family game nights, using the board games we have and probably borrowing from friends and family.

5. Make dinner 5/6 times a week.

6. Try at least one new recipe a week.

7. Bake some seasonal goodies, using the apples and peaches.

8. Get family pictures taken since almost all of our pictures are missing one key person.. me.

9. Read to the kids more.

10. Spend a little time focusing on my friendships also. Although they are last in line.

11. Save, save, Save, save!! Christmas is not that far away, and I start my shopping around this time. If I see a good deal I have money put up so I can buy it now and store it for later.

12. Date my Husband <3. I really enjoy when we can connect just the two of us as Chris and Vikki, not Mama and Daddy. I really do love his company and doing things with him.

13. Read more, and not blogs and pinterest.

14. Finish our love language book together.

15. Perhaps visit the Pittsburgh zoo.

16. Do a few of the ideas I have pinned for later, now is better than any time. 

17. Attend Church every Sunday & get involved.

18. Smile more.

19. Spend more time with our families.

20. Take my sister out for dinner.