November 29, 2009

Menu Plan

Saturday- Open face turkey sandwiches, sweet potatoes, corn and stuffing
Sunday- Baked pasta with bread sticks
Monday- Kielbasa, saurkraut, pierogi
Tuesday- Ham and cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese
Wednesday- Beef stew
Thursday- montery chicken, and potato wedges
Friday- Pizza

November Goals revisited

-Cook 6 days a week and have a left overs night.. or C.O.R.N. (Worked off and on)

-Clean out the freezer meats before buying or stocking up on more, unless there is an unbelievable sale. (Still working on this but we are getting down to the wire)

-Get my freezer re-organized. (still emptying)

-Make some extras when cooking to freezer for sick days (I've been having a lot of those lately, I hope to start feeling better)(made some shells and muffins)

-Host our very first Thanksgiving dinner at home! (We did do our own thanksgiving but since we had 14 coming our cottage was too small so we cooked in Grandma's basement and had our guest over there.)

-Organize our bedroom closet. (started working on that today)

-Clear out toys that Anthony doesn't play with, so he has room for holidays. (did that a little)

-Try some new recipes. ( I think a couple)

-Do something with my sweet heart just the two of us. (not really :( )

-Do some applying for part time work during lay off time at SO's work. (done and waiting)

-Find out where the field mice are coming into the house from.. =( (put out poison)

-Vacuum out my chest and get it into the house!! (done last night!)

-Spend some more learning time with little bear. (doing this)

-Try not to unload my complains on my SO. (working on it)

-And I am going to shoot for losing 5-10 pounds this month...and gain it back at Thanksgiving!! LOL( no way!)

-Work on my schooling, find a plan and exicute. (started back to classes on tuesday nights)

-Finish a book (other than childrens.. nope)

-stay on TOP of laundry, not swim in it. (not humanly possible)

November 21, 2009

Menu Plan 21st- 27th

Saturday- Meatloaf, baked potatoes with sour cream and butter & corn as requested by kiddo
Sunday- Chicken stew from Southern Plate
Monday- Taco Ring
Tuesday-Pork chops with onion gravy and noodles (feast at school)

Port wine cheese ball with crackers
Shrimp with cocktail sauce
deviled eggs
veggies with dip

Main course-

Side dishes-
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole
stuffing balls

cranberry jello salad
cranberry sauce
apple pie
pumpkin pie



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

November 19, 2009

Ultimate Recipe Swap (Thanksgiving)

Our family favorites-

Green bean casserole (couple variations, but we like the basic recipe)

1 can (10 3/4 ounces) Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon soy sauce (I don't add this)
Dash ground black pepper
4 cups cooked cut green beans
1 1/3 cups French's® French Fried Onions

* Stir the soup, milk, soy sauce, black pepper, beans and 2/3 cup onions in a 1 1/2-quart casserole.
* Bake at 350°F. for 25 minutes or until the bean mixture is hot and bubbling. Stir the bean mixture. Sprinkle with the remaining onions.
* Bake for 5 minutes or until the onions are golden brown.

* For Broccoli Casserole, substitute 4 cups cooked broccoli flowerets for the green beans.
* For cheese lovers, stir in 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese with soup. Omit the soy sauce. Sprinkle with an additional 1/4 cup Cheddar cheese when adding the remaining onions.
* To add a festive touch, stir in 1/4 cup chopped red pepper with the soup.
* To add crunch, add 1/4 cup toasted sliced almonds to the onion topping.
* For bacon lovers, add 2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled, to the bean mixture.
* For Golden Green Bean Cassrole, substitute Campbell's® Condensed Golden Mushroom Soup for the Cream of Mushroom Soup. Omit the soy sauce. Stir in 1/4 cup chopped red pepper with the green beans.

Pioneer woman's mashed potatoes


* 5 pounds Russet Or Yukon Gold Potatoes
* ¾ cups Butter
* 1 package (8 Oz.) Cream Cheese, Softened*
* ½ cups (to 3/4 Cups) Half-and-Half
* ½ teaspoons (to 1 Teaspoon) Lawry's Seasoned Salt
* ½ teaspoons (to 1 Teaspoon) Black Pepper

Preparation Instructions

Peel and cut the potatoes into pieces that are generally the same size. Bring a large pot of water to a simmer and add the potatoes. Bring to a boil and cook for 30 to 35 minutes. When they’re cooked through, the fork should easily slide into the potatoes with no resistance, and the potatoes should almost, but not totally, fall apart.

Drain the potatoes in a large colander. When the potatoes have finished draining, place them back into the dry pot and put the pot on the stove. Mash the potatoes over low heat, allowing all the steam to escape, before adding in all the other ingredients.

Turn off the stove and add 1 ½ sticks of butter, an 8-ounce package of cream cheese and about ½ cup of half-and-half. Mash, mash, mash! Next, add about ½ teaspoon of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and ½ a teaspoon of black pepper.

Stir well and place in a medium-sized baking dish. Throw a few pats of butter over the top of the potatoes and place them in a 350-degree oven and heat until butter is melted and potatoes are warmed through.

Cranberry jello salad

1 (3 oz.) pkg. cherry flavored gelatin

3/4 c. boiling water

1 (16 oz.) can whole berry cranberry sauce

1/2 c. diced apple

1/2 c. chopped pecans *leaving this out*

Combine gelatin and boiling water; stir until gelatin dissolves. Add cranberry sauce, stirring until blended. Chill until the consistency of unbeaten egg white. Fold in apple, and pecans. Spoon mixture into 6 lightly oiled 2/3 cup molds or custard cups, cover and refrigerate molds until firm.


2 pkgs. raspberry Jello
2 c. hot water
1 c. cold water

Chill. Fold in: 1 (#2) can of crushed pineapple with juice 1 can whole cranberries 1/2 c. chopped nuts

Let Jello set until firm in the refrigerator. Can be put in individual molds or 1 large mold. Serves 16.

Visit for more ideas.

November 16, 2009

Recipe for this week: Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

2 cups cooked, diced chicken
6 oz deli ham, diced
2 cans cream of chicken soup
8 oz sour cream
2 cups shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
cooked pasta (16 oz box)
milk (to get the right consistancy)

Combine all ingredients in a medium sauce pan until cheese is melted, smooth, and creamy. Toss the pasta and the sauce together.

November 15, 2009

Menu Plan for Nov. 15th-21st

Last week we didn't stay on track. While we still had the meats that we planned we didn't really stay with the recipes. The one night we did go to McDonalds because I had to last minute make an appointment for little bear to see his doctor since he had been coughing for 2 weeks. He had been losing sleep over the cough, and it wasn't going away. He has an antibiotic and some clearatin to see which one helps. In the middle of November (today) we were able to go outside all afternoon in the woods at a friends cabin. Our boys had a blast but I forgot the camera :( Here is this weeks plan. I hope we stay on track!

Sunday- Steaks with peppers and onions. Cheesy potatoes and corn.
Monday- Spaghetti
Tuesday- ??? Frozen pizza? (Eggs and toast)
Wednesday- Daddy cooks, mac and cheese, chicken breast patties, and a veggie Cereal
Thursday- Chicken cordon bleu pasta (pancakes and sausage)
Friday- meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans
Saturday-? Still thinking!

I'll bake something this week, no clue what. Finish my plans for Thanksgiving and clean the house for the holiday!!

November 09, 2009

Recipe Review: 3 Envelope Roast

3 Envelope Roast

3 pound beef roast such as chuck roast
1 envelope of dry Italian salad dressing mix (I used half)
1 envelope of dry ranch salad dressing mix (I used half)
1 envelope of dry brown gravy mix
2 cups water

Instructions :
Put the water in a measuring cup that is larger then the amount of water you are using. Now add and mix all three envelopes of dry salad dressings to the water. Mix until blended completely.
Brown the roast (if desired). Add the meat to your cooker. Pour the water, salad dressing mixture over the roast. In the slow cooker cook it on high for about 4 hours on low about 8 hours.

I added 4 cups of water to the roast so I could make a big batch of gravy. I scooped the gravy out with a ladle, heated it to a boiling and added a cup of water that had a few spoons of corn starch dissolved. Add some pepper and salt and it was good.

I give it a 4/5 stars it was really good and tender.

November 07, 2009

Menu Plan 8th - 14th

Sunday- 3 envolope roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes, gravy from the roast, and corn. Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Possibly some peanut butter cookies. We're having company for dinner. My Mom, her boyfriend, and my little brother.

Monday- Hamburger helper (easy mondays)

Tuesday- Subs and chips from a fundraiser again

Wednesday- A copycat recipe for Wendy's chili with crackers. Usually Daddy cooks on Wednesday but little bear doesn't have school that day. Also my other little brother and sister will be staying the night since my dad will be in for a stint in his heart..I'll have to pick them up from school.

Thursday- Shake-n-bake pork chops with cheesy scalloped potatoes and green beans

Friday- Lasagna casserole I might pick up some rolls too.

Saturday- Ranch house crock pot pork chops, potatoes likely roasted, with a veggie.. maybe peas or whatever little bear picks out.

I will bake some cookies today and a cake for when Mom comes down. I'm wanting to make some chocolate chip cookies too. I also need to come up with a pink heart revelant snack for Anthony's class for his snack day.

November 6th and 7th

I am slacking a bit.. not sure why but I am going to shoot to be on time all week. Yesterday I was thankful for a hard working SO who went to work even though he wasn't feeling well yesterday, and even drove me into town after work to pick up some pizza for dinner.

Today I am thankful for a nice quiet day around the house.. just me and the kiddo. He has been pretty hyper this week, I am not sure if it was the medicine making him jittery.. however today he has been helping clean up without fighting and playing rather quietly. I can't wait for Mr. Bear come home.. he's going to miss the PENN STATE game though :(

November 05, 2009

November 4th and 5th

Sorry last night I forgot to blog. So yesterday I was thankful for a FIL that's a mechanic that can help us with our car for free, even if we don't see eye to eye.

Tonight I am thankful for Nikki. Nikki is a very dear friend of mine and I am so happy we live 3 minutes apart. I am so happy we can just chat while our boys play and enjoy eachother's company.

November 04, 2009

November 3rd

Ok so I am 3 minutes late.. I was catching up on my Hills episodes =)

Today I am Thankful that I felt good today. The past two months I have really been in a slump with various illnesses and such.. like a kidney stone, ear infection, and tooth infection! Yeah me!! So thank you God for this day in which I was healthy and motivated! I even went outside with the boy for a bit, and froze!

November 02, 2009

November 2nd

Today I am thankful for a Grandma who quickly brought Anthony some children's mucinex today when I told her about his cough. It was very nice of her to run in town and get it, while I stayed home to send Mr. Bear off to work.

Mr. Bear is thankful for his job, even if he gets cut to part time soon.

November 01, 2009

November 1st

I am thankful for a warm cozy home. Its nice to just watch tv and be nice and warm. We rented for a couple years and we froze. Its so comforting to come home to a warm home.

SO is thankful for me and our little boy. He is thankful that he has us and we are a family. <3