November 29, 2009

November Goals revisited

-Cook 6 days a week and have a left overs night.. or C.O.R.N. (Worked off and on)

-Clean out the freezer meats before buying or stocking up on more, unless there is an unbelievable sale. (Still working on this but we are getting down to the wire)

-Get my freezer re-organized. (still emptying)

-Make some extras when cooking to freezer for sick days (I've been having a lot of those lately, I hope to start feeling better)(made some shells and muffins)

-Host our very first Thanksgiving dinner at home! (We did do our own thanksgiving but since we had 14 coming our cottage was too small so we cooked in Grandma's basement and had our guest over there.)

-Organize our bedroom closet. (started working on that today)

-Clear out toys that Anthony doesn't play with, so he has room for holidays. (did that a little)

-Try some new recipes. ( I think a couple)

-Do something with my sweet heart just the two of us. (not really :( )

-Do some applying for part time work during lay off time at SO's work. (done and waiting)

-Find out where the field mice are coming into the house from.. =( (put out poison)

-Vacuum out my chest and get it into the house!! (done last night!)

-Spend some more learning time with little bear. (doing this)

-Try not to unload my complains on my SO. (working on it)

-And I am going to shoot for losing 5-10 pounds this month...and gain it back at Thanksgiving!! LOL( no way!)

-Work on my schooling, find a plan and exicute. (started back to classes on tuesday nights)

-Finish a book (other than childrens.. nope)

-stay on TOP of laundry, not swim in it. (not humanly possible)

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