December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

I wanted to jot down what happened on Christmas eve before I forget. I will upload some pictures later..

We always spend Christmas eve with my FIL's side of the family. This was the first year the my FIL & his wife hosted dinner. Usually its my hubby's grandma but this year she passed the torch and ironically ended up with shingles.

Football was on tv, lots of snacks, dinner was good and gifts were an added bonus.

Aubriella got some outfits from her Pappy Roy & Grammy Sherri. She got her very first set of Steeler Pj's.  Also a handprint maker. Sherri's brother's family also joins us, they got Aubriella a dolly.

Anthony got a a NERF bow & arrow set, binoculars, a football, and I am sure there were other things I missed, like cars since he was in such a hurry to see his goodies. Oh also a Steemer from the Altoona Curve. He got a rocket set from Sherri's family too.

Chris got one of his favorite gifts, a Tony Romo stitched jersey, cowboys gloves, a Chili's gift card for the 2 of us to go on a date (we get this yearly, I love it). He also got a Penn State Tee shirt.

I got some OPI nail polish, a dooney and burke wristlet and wallet, A kitchen aid pink cutting board & chef's knife. I got a some handmade table runners and microfiber dish cloths. We both got some
money as well.

Because Grandma was puffy and wanted to stay home, I brought her a plate of food & brought her gifts over to her. She was happy we stopped in, I didn't want her to miss out on the fun, so we brought Christmas even to her :)

She got Anthony a DS & some games and McDonalds gift card, Aubriella got a baby einstine turtle, octopus, and teether. Chris got a junitper jack, Carthard jacket, and gift card for Prime Sirloin. I got some super cute Temp-Tations dishes, I love them, and a V necklace.

We read The Night Before Christmas and tucked Anthony into bed. Miss Aubrie stayed up until around 1:30am. Chris and I wanted to start exchanging gifts on Christmas eve when the kids are asleep, so we can enjoy each other.

Chris got me a beautiful picture frame, some wax tarts and a food processor that I have been waiting for for ever now. :) He got me other stuff that I picked out but that is what he surprised me with.

 I got him a dallas cowboys ball cap, new wallet, and the last 3 Harry Potter movies. He loves those movies and now he has the complete set of movies.

2 weeks ago we exchanged gifts with my mom's ex husband and his girlfriend. It sounds odd but he was my step dad for 21 years of my then 23 so I still love him and welcome him in our family. He & his g/f got me a cake stand *squeel* a serving plate, and bath and body works. They got Anthony some tinker toys and a cowboys shirt. Aubriella got some new clothes, she is such a fashionista already.

That same week we did gifts with my mom and her husband.. they got Chris some Harry Potter movies, myself some wax tarts and a very pretty snowflake necklace.. Anthony got a criss cross race track and Aubrie got an elmo guitar. My sister got me a very pretty orinament for the tree & a mug, Chris got a Cowboys snuggy, Aubrie got some toys and Anthony did too.. cars for his track.

December 22, 2011

Getting ready to say goodbye...

To 2011 that is! I get excited this time of year to begin a new year and a fresh start of sorts. I line up all these ideas and goals, in high hopes of getting life all organized and running more smoothly. Savings, weight, household, all kinds of things to come... lots of ideas on Pinterest just waiting for me to use them! Can't wait to up date the blog more often too..

Good bye 2011 and soon hello to 2012

December 04, 2011

Christmas Fun

Here are a few things we'll be doing to celebrate Christmas threw out the month.

Family pictures
Hot coco
ABC Family Movies
Pictures with Santa
Read a Christmas book each night before bed
Make a snowman
Go see Christmas lights
Make a gingerbread house
Make cookies
Decorate the tree
Anthony's personal tree this year
Pick out special hot coco mugs for movie nights
Spend extra time with family <3
Santa shop with the kiddies
Decorate outside
Brave making fudge
Try my hand out at tea tarts
Pick some new ornaments for the tree
Enjoy each day cause it goes sooo fast!!