August 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- Lasagna and Bread
Tuesday- Both work- leftover Lasagna and bread
Wednesday- Both work- Tuna noodle casserole
Thursday- Whole roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. (taking baked ziti to a friend who just had a baby)
Friday- No idea I work
Saturday- I really could go for a roast but I donno.. some kinda comfort food.
Sunday- whatever daddy wants to cook as I work again.

August 09, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, veggies and dip
Tuesday- Spahgetti and meatsauce
Wednesday- Beef and broccoli
Thursday- Calzone with pepperoni and I hope ham
Friday- Probably leftovers.
Saturday- Sandwiches and some mac salad
Sunday- I work so we'll see how beat I am from working all weekend.

I haven't menu planned lately because we've been both working and taking care of Chris' Mimi and spending time with family. My little bear is going to be a kindergartener in just 3 weeks :( He is super excited, I am too, but I am sad it happened so fast. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer. I can't wait for fall!!