April 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Snowy day here in Central PA. First snow day of the winter season, not even a delay so far this year. Its an unwelcomed snow that is for sure.. I hate it. Even my spunky 6 year old son hates it.. just keeps coming down too. My poor lilac bush is on the ground the snow is so heavy and thick. Although I suppose today is a great day for comfort food.

Monday- Porkloin roast, potatoes, carrots, and corn. All added to the crock pot. Smells so good and the pork loins were BOGO this week.

Tuesday- Crockpot Chili and Corn bread.

Wednesday- Cheesy stuffed shells

Thursday- Leftover Buffet if there is enough

Friday- I got a Kraft breading and cheese kit I wanted to test out.. the bacon and cheddar one. So Baked chicken, cheesy ranch potatoes via Pinterest, and green beans.

Saturday- Soft tacos

Sunday- Marinated pork chops, parmesan noodles, and peas.

April 17, 2012

I'm still alive just lagging

I always want to blog more.. to store thoughts, memories, ideas, and to share.. but I just never do.. its awful. Now that I have a love for Pinterest, my blog is even more abandon.. the warm weather, busy schedules, 2 kids, a very very busy little girl that is about to walk and celebrate her first birthday.. church, activities.. it goes on and on.. ugh... see tired already.

I did want to pop in and share a pic of our kiddies in their Easter outfits.

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

February 08, 2012

Super Bowl

We are a football watching family. My hubby loves it. I never did, I hated it, I hated sitting around on the days there was football instead of doing other things.. then one day I decided if you can't beat them.. join them. Now I love it too, I got into it mainly so Mr. M and I had more in common since we never watch the same thing on tv. Being a Pennsylvania born family we should like the Steelers, and we do root for them when they are playing any teams we dislike. Anthony loves the Steelers, he loves dancing around and rooting for them when they play. Mr. M is a big fan of Dallas, and me? I like Dallas and the Eagles. I have other teams I like as well, but to be honest, I more have teams I don't like. My number one disliked team on my list is New England.. they are just so over rated.. ugh.

So I basked in my glory this weekend when they lost the super bowl, and to be honest I would have crapped if they caught that last pass of the game. I know there sure are some bitter wives in football. I must be completely honest though... its really the commercials that do it for me! :) Anthony loved the M&M one this year.. he must have watched it 20 plus times now. He likes to re-enact the dancing as well.. my silly boy. The half time show was pretty decent this year as well, I thought it would be worse since Madonna is older and hasn't released anything new recently. I hope I can rock it that well in my early 50s.

February 02, 2012

February Goals

How many people can believe its February already!? Not me. Time sure does fly by when you are an adult.

So I make goals monthly. Some I stick to, some I don't. But its nice to at least set goals and be hopeful for the beginning of a new month.

I would like to use up all the cleaners we have here, and make my own. I'm going to buy some spray bottles and mix up some ideas I have gotten via pinterest.

Try some of the organizing and recipes I have pinned on pinterest as well.

Continue to purge our unused items. I have been selling baby stuff left and right online making a bit of money and using some of it to buy Aubriella some new summer clothes.

Find and buy a new couch.

Research options for a new SUV, living in central PA we must get an SUV for my husband who travels the awful mountains for work. We have had 2 mishaps already this winter and we have barely gotten snow.

Work on getting Aubriella on a better sleep schedule. I want to have a perfected routine, and right now, we are far from it.

Boost Anthony's spelling grade in school.

Get outside more, we are suffering cabin fever and lack of sunlight.

Garden plans, I know its early but I can't help it.

Spend more time with our Papa.

Find the perfect Easter dress <3

That is all for now I believe. I hope I can get these checked off! :) Happy February!

January 02, 2012

Menu Plan Monday January 2nd.

Here is our menu plan for the new year.

Sunday- Traditional pork chops, sour kraut, kielbasa, and potatoes.
Monday- Bbq chicken bites, mac and cheese, and green beans.
Tuesday- Soft and crunchy beef tacos with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Wednesday- Marinated steaks, baked taters, and corn
Thursday- Tuna noodle casserole
Friday- Homemade pizza night
Saturday- leftovers?

That is our plan, depending on leftovers, the night we have them might get moved sooner.. or not at all.
Happy New Year everyone.

Looking for more inspiration? There are plenty more menu plans to be found right here.

January 01, 2012

Rambles of 2011

Another year gone and another year to make things happen.
I have plenty on my list to do this year and years from now.
As they say you live & you learn.
I, for one am excited to have a fresh new year.
I thank God that 2011 was as good to us as it was, I know that 2012 might not be.
I thank 2011 for not taking any of my loved ones away and giving me a little girl that surpasses any and all dreams I had of her while I was pregnant. She is beautiful & perfectly perfect in every way imaginable.
My marriage came further too, we learned more about one another and I saw my husband lose his heart to another lady.. and that I am perfectly fine with. Seeing him with Aubriella has made me love him in a different way, and its so very sweet.
Anthony has come a long way learning and growing bigger and bigger.
He is losing his baby face and even some teeth.
Hubby got a new job that provides for us more than the one he lost.
And the best part is, I was able to become a stay at home mom again. :)