February 02, 2012

February Goals

How many people can believe its February already!? Not me. Time sure does fly by when you are an adult.

So I make goals monthly. Some I stick to, some I don't. But its nice to at least set goals and be hopeful for the beginning of a new month.

I would like to use up all the cleaners we have here, and make my own. I'm going to buy some spray bottles and mix up some ideas I have gotten via pinterest.

Try some of the organizing and recipes I have pinned on pinterest as well.

Continue to purge our unused items. I have been selling baby stuff left and right online making a bit of money and using some of it to buy Aubriella some new summer clothes.

Find and buy a new couch.

Research options for a new SUV, living in central PA we must get an SUV for my husband who travels the awful mountains for work. We have had 2 mishaps already this winter and we have barely gotten snow.

Work on getting Aubriella on a better sleep schedule. I want to have a perfected routine, and right now, we are far from it.

Boost Anthony's spelling grade in school.

Get outside more, we are suffering cabin fever and lack of sunlight.

Garden plans, I know its early but I can't help it.

Spend more time with our Papa.

Find the perfect Easter dress <3

That is all for now I believe. I hope I can get these checked off! :) Happy February!

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