June 29, 2008

Here is last night's dinner...
BBQ shredded up chicken breast on a potato roll using Sweet Baby Ray's sauce with some spices.
Corn on the cob, I found at walmart @ 10 for 1.
And a baked tater with butter, salt, and pepper!
We also had a small side salad..
It was delish!

Busy, and Lazy.

I have been busy and a bit lazy and not really keeping up with my site, which saddens me since I am really excited and loving the idea. I think I only have one reader anyways, and that is my step-mom :-)
So I have been cooking and semi-meal planning...just a few days ahead of time, shame on me, and my grocery budget. We recently started to go to this place in a few towns over called "The Country Store" it's a surplus and odds and ends place. They have some decent deals some of the boxed stuff is a few months expired but with the things we bought it was cheaper than our regular store. We found Virginia Baked Ham for $3.49 a pound, provolone cheese, and cheddar jack cheese, all for the same price which is an awesome price. We got a lot of nutragrain bars, and cereal bars in dented boxes for $1.50 a box, which they are usually $2.50 at the cheapest a box here. Our favorite find there was loaves of still fresh bread and name brand for .67 cents a loaf..what a deal! We also got potato rolls for $1.50 and brown sugar and cinnamon bread for the same. We ended up buying 36 dollars worth of odds and ends walking out with a whole shopping cart full of stuff..where does that ever happen? I think we got 6 loaves of bread in total, and the cheapest decent bread here at home is $1.27 a loaf.
In the same trip we ventured out to Sam's Club, a whole sale store in our local.. they have a membership fee of $40 dollars a year, so I have been hesitant about buying a membership for our small family since there are only 3 of us. We did have one a few years ago and only went out 2 times, so it was hardly worth it. I did get some great finds there, real cheap boneless pork loins, cut how you want them for free, so I purchased 2. I got 180 loads worth of Gain soap powder for less than 10 dollars, I am hoping to stretch that a year. I got the usual toilet paper, and a few other things. I saw great buys but had a budget of $60 dollars for the time being. I wanted to add that they have a sample set up almost all the time and I tried Chicken salad on a club cracker and it was one of the best salads I have ever had. Now I wish I had bought the club crackers at the surplus store for a buck! It was simple enough too, they used real mayo, canned chicken (I will use chicken breast), parsley flakes, garlic and onion powder, it was crazy good. I also tried for the first time some Pesto, and I must admit I was a wee bit skeptical from the way it looked, but it was great too, it was all organic which is a mega plus now days. It was on a tomato slice with a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese, which I had never had before either. I couldn't convince Chris to try it though. So anyways. I will start blogging my food adventures more, I thought I would even include some restaurants when I try them out. Thanks for reading.. :)