February 08, 2012

Super Bowl

We are a football watching family. My hubby loves it. I never did, I hated it, I hated sitting around on the days there was football instead of doing other things.. then one day I decided if you can't beat them.. join them. Now I love it too, I got into it mainly so Mr. M and I had more in common since we never watch the same thing on tv. Being a Pennsylvania born family we should like the Steelers, and we do root for them when they are playing any teams we dislike. Anthony loves the Steelers, he loves dancing around and rooting for them when they play. Mr. M is a big fan of Dallas, and me? I like Dallas and the Eagles. I have other teams I like as well, but to be honest, I more have teams I don't like. My number one disliked team on my list is New England.. they are just so over rated.. ugh.

So I basked in my glory this weekend when they lost the super bowl, and to be honest I would have crapped if they caught that last pass of the game. I know there sure are some bitter wives in football. I must be completely honest though... its really the commercials that do it for me! :) Anthony loved the M&M one this year.. he must have watched it 20 plus times now. He likes to re-enact the dancing as well.. my silly boy. The half time show was pretty decent this year as well, I thought it would be worse since Madonna is older and hasn't released anything new recently. I hope I can rock it that well in my early 50s.

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