January 01, 2012

Rambles of 2011

Another year gone and another year to make things happen.
I have plenty on my list to do this year and years from now.
As they say you live & you learn.
I, for one am excited to have a fresh new year.
I thank God that 2011 was as good to us as it was, I know that 2012 might not be.
I thank 2011 for not taking any of my loved ones away and giving me a little girl that surpasses any and all dreams I had of her while I was pregnant. She is beautiful & perfectly perfect in every way imaginable.
My marriage came further too, we learned more about one another and I saw my husband lose his heart to another lady.. and that I am perfectly fine with. Seeing him with Aubriella has made me love him in a different way, and its so very sweet.
Anthony has come a long way learning and growing bigger and bigger.
He is losing his baby face and even some teeth.
Hubby got a new job that provides for us more than the one he lost.
And the best part is, I was able to become a stay at home mom again. :)

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