November 07, 2009

Menu Plan 8th - 14th

Sunday- 3 envolope roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes, gravy from the roast, and corn. Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Possibly some peanut butter cookies. We're having company for dinner. My Mom, her boyfriend, and my little brother.

Monday- Hamburger helper (easy mondays)

Tuesday- Subs and chips from a fundraiser again

Wednesday- A copycat recipe for Wendy's chili with crackers. Usually Daddy cooks on Wednesday but little bear doesn't have school that day. Also my other little brother and sister will be staying the night since my dad will be in for a stint in his heart..I'll have to pick them up from school.

Thursday- Shake-n-bake pork chops with cheesy scalloped potatoes and green beans

Friday- Lasagna casserole I might pick up some rolls too.

Saturday- Ranch house crock pot pork chops, potatoes likely roasted, with a veggie.. maybe peas or whatever little bear picks out.

I will bake some cookies today and a cake for when Mom comes down. I'm wanting to make some chocolate chip cookies too. I also need to come up with a pink heart revelant snack for Anthony's class for his snack day.

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Anonymous said...

Great menu! Your so organized!! Someday I have hopes of being this way when it comes to dinners. ;)