January 12, 2010

Deals and Steals

I was looking threw the Staples flier since Mr. Bear's Grandma was looking for a lap top. While I was looking I found some one dollar in store coupons for some odds and ends. Apparently they don't put these in the Ads at the store only the newspapers that are mailed out. We were already headed to State College for dinner and Wegmans so I stopped in for this deal.

4pack of dry erase markers- 3.99
5pack ballpoint pens-           2.99
4pack glue sticks-                1.99
1 8.5 dry erase board-         6.99

Total                                   15.96 plus .06% tax

Minus 4 one dollar coupons (ones that make them a dollar each)

Total                                    4.24

YAY! The markers I use often, the pens as well. Little bear pastes a lot for preschool. And the dry erase is for his little goals/chore chart instead of printing a new one each week.

1 comment:

Keli said...

I want one of those white boards for the same purpose! Great deals!