January 25, 2010

Family Date Night

Last Tuesday we had a family date night. I meant to write about it earlier and take a picture but I had forgotten. I decided since we like to eat out and its hard for us to get a hold on it, that we'd start a once a month we all go out as a family instead of random take out. So each month Mama, Daddy, or Little Bear will pick where we go as a family for dinner. This month we let Daddy chose since he has been really wanting a Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut. They were running a 10$ any size, crust, and toppings deal. We paired it with their kid's night special which let little bear eat free between 5-10 with our order. Daddy got his pizza all to himself since I dislike Stuffed Crust. I got the buffet so we could pick and choose whatever we wanted. With drinks and a nice tip, it came in under 25. Next time I think we'll get a pitcher of ice water or pop to share. Individual glasses of pop really add up. It was a great time, and I look forward to our next date night with the kiddo, I just hope doesn't pick the golden arches!!

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Keli said...

great idea! but i know thats where my son would pick!