December 30, 2009

Ultimate Recipe Swap (New Years eve)

Basic Little Smokies

  • 1 package of Lit'l Smokie sausages (1 lb. in the meat section vaccum sealed)
  • 1 can of chili sauce (12 oz. can)
  • 1 small jar grape jelly (10 oz.)
If you make these on top of the stove, then heat and stir the chili and grape jelly until it's mixed well and warm. Add the sausages. Let heat for about 30 minutes on low heat. Serve warm.
Using the crock pot, put everything in and stir. Set to low heat and warm for an hour or two. Stir now and then to make sure all the sausages are evenly coated. Serve right out of the crock pot.
We'll have some cinnamon rolls, and shrimps as well. New Years Day we'll have our traditional Pork roast, saurkraut, and mashed potatoes.

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UnfinishedMom said...

Oh yes. These are really good. They are on our menu for tomorrow too, but with meatballs instead of Li'l Smokies. Yummmo.

Bugaboo said...

Sounds yummy. We have some in the freeze to use up and might just try this recipe out. :o)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the recipe for meatballs using grape jelly and chili sauce, but I've never tried it! I'm just not that daring, I guess. Hope your New Year's Eve was wonderful!

Mike and Amanda said...

This sounds yummy. We have a similar recipe for meatballs. I just throw frozen meatballs, a jar of salsa, and a jar of grape jelly into the crockpot ant let it cook for half the day. I will have to try this!

Passport To Savings And Food said...

I also make this with meatballs. I add a little garlic powder and crushed red pepper flakes too give it a little kick.