December 18, 2009

Shopping Score!

I was reading The Domestic Contessa when I came across a deal she had listed, and I thought I would give it a try since I never get a chance to do the deals or keep them all organized. So here is what I got today at WalMart for 4.24 plus tax!

4 Glade candle tins - 2.25 each
4 Glade refills - 2.25 each
4 Snuggle dryer sheets- 1.87 each
2 Blistex lip balms- 1.12 each

4 Tin coupons found inside the tin for 1.50 off each
4 Free refills when you buy a tin
4 Snuggle dryer sheet coupons 2.00 but they adjusted them to 1.87 I am not sure on the policy and neither was the cashier so I didn't mind.
1 1.00 off 2 blistex coupons.

What a deal! I think I might be getting into this more so I can use what we need and donate to the food pantry that burnt down today from where I am originally from.

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