October 25, 2009

Weekly wrap up

This week around the house hasn't been very busy. Little bear going to school keeps us busy Tuesday-Thursday. I usually do all my cleaning on Mondays and Fridays now, to get things going. Daddy offered to make simple meals on Wednesdays for me which is really nice of him since I am up at 7 to get Little bear off for school, which I have to drive him 20 mins up to his school, then ride home, then go back 20 mins to get him. His classes are only 2 1/2 hours so it feels like I am chasing my tail. So its a pain.. although its a pain on the other days he doesn't have to be at school until 12:30 the other two. However, I am fortunate he gets to attend a small school and get a head start on his education.. he's been learning shapes, colors, and a number each week. Example this week was yellow, diamond, and 4. He also brings home a little project daily and they are so sweet. I am going to get a little keep sake box for them all. Penn State beat Michigan..WOOO HOO! WE ARE!! We also made a trip to Wegman's this week which is a fun highlight for us since we moved its a bit away.. and that place is like an international market for around these parts. They have super bargains. I seemed to have a bug today for awhile, but after I was finally able to fall asleep I feel better now, I hope it says away.. :( it was soo terrible. I was due to have company today who canceled last night, that always bums me out, but I was sick this morning anyways so it worked out.
We also celebrated my baby sister's 6th birthday yesterday.. she is so beautiful and growing up sooo fast! So a pretty not exciting week for us.

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love getting new visitors! The pumpkin cake is so fun...love it!