October 31, 2009

November Goals

Here are some goals I hope to accomplish this month.

-Cook 6 days a week and have a left overs night.. or C.O.R.N.
-Clean out the freezer meats before buying or stocking up on more, unless there is an unbelievable sale.
-Get my freezer re-organized.
-Make some extras when cooking to freezer for sick days (I've been having a lot of those lately, I hope to start feeling better)
-Host our very first Thanksgiving dinner at home!
-Organize our bedroom closet
-Clear out toys that Anthony doesn't play with, so he has room for holidays.
-Try some new recipes
-Do something with my sweet heart just the two of us.
-Do some applying for part time work during lay off time at SO's work.
-Find out where the field mice are coming into the house from.. =(
-Vacuum out my chest and get it into the house!!
-Spend some more learning time with little bear.
-Try not to unload my complains on my SO.
-And I am going to shoot for losing 5-10 pounds this month...and gain it back at Thanksgiving!! LOL
-Work on my schooling, find a plan and exicute.
-Finish a book
-stay on TOP of laundry, not swim in it!

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