October 10, 2009

Menu Plan for the 11th-17th

Wow the weeks have flown by, today is my birthday and it was nice. I always get sentimental for some reason. I just want to say I might bitch and moan but I do have a great family, in-laws, and a few good friends even. I had a great dinner with my MIL it was good. Ice cream cake was great from my Dad and Step Mom (Melanie), and my mom bought me some boots and jeans I had been eying up! So it was a nice day dispite my earache and toothache. I did finally see a speicalist for my ear, I am going to continue to pray it feels better. I also had my In-Laws pray for my ear pain..or whatever is causing it.

Here is my menu plan, last weeks got mixed up a bit since one night we didn't eat at home, and the other our Grandfather got a deer so we had fresh deer steaks, yum! I am trying to use up my freezer stash and pantry, and do minimal shopping.

Sunday- Barb's beef stew with deer meat instead, biscuits.
Monday- LO Stew for me, and a big pot of spaghetti with m/bs for daddy and little bear.
Tuesday- Whatever is laying around, spaghetti for daddy and Anthony. Breakfast today for little bear..I think we'll have sausage and pancakes
Wednesday- Daddy cooks for Mama, Thanksgiving short cut. Turkey brest, mashed taters, sweet taters, gravy, corn and cranberry sauce. Breakfast day super early, leftover pancakes.
Thursday- L.o. for daddy and kiddo, Mama is getting dental work done. Turkey, gravy, and waffles. Breakfast day again.. cereal with bananas perhaps.
Friday- Taco Ring
Saturday- smoked sausage, peppers, onions, and potatoes I think. Recipe later.

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Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

yum - I'd love to see the recipe for your taco ring!

Happy belated birthday, have a great week!