February 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- Sauteed Ham, Cabbage, and Potatoes
Tuesday- Tuna Helper with peas and butter bread. I have to get fillings :( Daddy's cooking.
Wednesday- Shopping if the weather is good. We'll go to CiCi's pizza since I have a coupon.
Thursday-Turkey bacon roll ups, pickles, corn, chips
Friday Lipton noodles, sweet pea pods, and Grilled Chicken Tenderloins (without the grill)
Saturday- Apricot Onion Chops Butternut squash with a sweet potato too, and noodles.
Sunday- MIL's.

UPDATE: now I have the menu figured out, once again the dentist office messed up so I am home with an infected tooth to treat. :( The roll ups we're making with out own ideas, and Apricot chops are new along with butter nut squash, we've never had.

I will post the remainder of the week once I get back from shopping, I have a couple recipes I wanna try soon. Hopefully my mouth won't be too sore. I seriously hate the dentist!!

Oh yeah, if you have any good Bridal shower recipes, feel free to send them my way! My shower is being thrown March 27th. :)


Leah said...

Hi Victoria,

Yard work in Feb is not normal around here, we usually have atleast a foot of snow on the ground and are freezing our stingers off. This year has been wierd, we are already being harassed by bees outside and that is soo not normal! I gather your on the East Coast, where Mother Nature has not been so nice this year.

I am with ya Sister, the dentist blows! Send me your email and I will send back some yummy appetizer recipes for your shower :)

Keli said...

Thanks for visiting!
I would love some recipies for ham casserole! My email is kelcoled at aol dot com. Hubby made cheeseburgers today before he went to work. And the dgs ate them ALL! They were sitting on the counter and the dogs must have been hungry. :(
I went to three different CVS stores and NONE of them had any mouth wash! I was very disapointed as was hubby.
I'll be looking though my recipes for some bridal shower ones, I'll let you know if I come across any! Good luck at the dentist!!!
Have a great week!