March 08, 2009

Menu Plan

Here's my menu for the week of 3/8-3/15

Sunday- Cracker Barrel Chicken (new recipe), with fancy rice
Monday-Hamburgers, baked beans, and fries.
Tuesday-BBQ kielbasa bites, mac and cheese, l.o. baked beans
Wednesday- Off to Mil's. No clue this week what she has planned.
Thursday-Cheese stuffed pasta, simmered meat sauce, and garlic toast
Friday- Fish fillets, lipton bag noodles of some sort, and steamed veggies
Saturday-Ham slices, rice, and broccoli
Sunday- BBQ glazed meatloaf, baked potatoes, corn and peas mix.

Desserts- strawberry magic mousse with fresh berries, and peanut butter cookies.

Visit for more ideas :)

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