May 18, 2011

Tear Pad Coupons.

You probably see them all over the stores, little tear pad coupon booklets. Often when I see them, the product isn't on sale nor a good price including the coupon. However, you can take a couple and use them when you see fit. I did this a couple weeks ago at the Family Dollar. I saw Ragu coupons, for .50 cents off a jar of sauce they had priced at 2.99 each. The coupon and their prices wasn't good to me but I knew if I used that coupon at the grocery store they'd double it to a dollar. I took a couple for later. This week a local store has Ragu 10 for 15, if you buy all 10 at once they were 10 for 10.. I had a couple coupons so I went back for more, and they were still there. I was able to double all 10 coupons and get free Ragu sauce. Since there is no limit I might go get 10 more. We will use it all up. I know there is a hording issue lately for couponing but I can promise I have no desire to clear the shelves. I think if I got 20 its a reasonable amount for my spaghetti and pasta loving boys to finish within the year.

So the next time you see a tear pad of coupons, grab a couple, ya never know.

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