May 02, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Still no baby. Her official due date is Thursday & I have an appointment tomorrow so we'll see how things are going then. As anxious as I am, I want to enjoy these last few days of being pregnant with her. This is the only time in her life that I will be able to completely protect her from everything else. I have a ton of emotions running threw me. I've had a stressful week too.. lost my purse, car broke down and too much to fix, need new car, hubby works 12 hour shifts over night.. ahh! Just a few crazy things but if I keep praying God will help me threw.

Sunday- Pork chops seasoned and fried, baked potatoes, and peas.
Monday- Meatloaf using this recipe but not in the microwave or with that sauce. I will use ketchup and brown sugar on it. Mashed potatoes, Gravy, Corn & Salads.
Tuesday- Taco Pizza here eventually I can get the recipe up. I am just going to use crunched up tortilla chips instead of shells. That is what I have.
Wednesday- Buffet, whatever you can find in the fridge you can eat. I just planned this far so we can see what the doctors say... I didn't wanna get too much then have it go bad or whatever.

Happy May ya'll. Hope all the April showers bring you May flowers.
You can find loads more menu plans if you visit Organizing Junkie

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