March 23, 2010

End of March Goals

Here is my goal list for the rest of March.
  • Stay on top of things, do it now so it doesn't need done later.
  • Get the house ready for spring cleaning, clean & purge.
  • Make up our monthly budget & stick to it for the rest of the months.
  • Open a savings account. Put 5-10% of each pay up.. hopefully hours pick up.
  • Get curtains hung in livingroom.
  • Rug scrub.
  • Get an organizer for all the coupons I clip, and keep them organized better.
  • Either go for walks, or go to Grandparents to use the Elipitcal.
  • Pray more.. especially for Mimi.
  • And lastly, "Bloom where I am planted".

1 comment:

April said...

Sounds like great goals. Good luck!