April 11, 2011

Meau Plan Monday

Well there is no baby news.. she's still in there and I am still waiting on her baby stuff to be shipped. Recently I got some stuff for her cradle and didn't realize its not sold in stores so I ordered on ebay and the lady decided to go out of town before shipping. Wish I had known that before, I wouldn't have anxiously waited day in and day out. I am full of anxiety now. Hubby just started his new job today, and Aubriella could be here any day. Anthony said before he got on the school bus today "Please come tomorrow Aubrie". He is going to be a magnificent big brother. So here is our menu for the week!

Sunday- BBQ ribs (Anthony's favorite) and pasta salad
Monday- Chili Dogs, Mac and cheese, and Baked Beans. I love Chili dogs and this recipe looks great. Well also have diced onions on top.
Tuesday- BBQ chicken pizza with red onions & salads. I am making my own pizza up this time, I'm not going to use the bbq sauce as a base, but just put diced chicken breast on top that has been cooked in bbq sauce. I will also be using cheddar and mozz. cheese for it. Sounds delish!
Wednesday- Stuffed shells with sausage and beef. More salads.
Thursday- Chicken and barley chili, I think I'll use the barley box recipe & some tortilla chips
Friday- Clean out the fridge or maybe some chinese for us..

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