April 07, 2011

Back to the way things used to be..

For a while I had been working full time while my hubby was on lay off. As great as it felt to contribute to our family, I sure missed being home. My hubby did a great job taking care of things, but it was so hard for everyone to not have me home too. The good news is Hubby found a new full time job and now I can stay home again! :) Even better is, I am due to have our little girl Aubriella any day now. She isn't due till May 6th, but next week could be the week! I really hope she comes at the end of the month. So now I am back to hunting bargins, menu planning, recipe trying, and doing all the stay at home Mama things I missed so much!

1 comment:

Simply Sara said...

so wonderful for you!
blessings as you prepare for this new little sweetheart to join your family.
such an exciting time!!!