September 19, 2009

Survivor episode 1

Last Thursday was the season premier of Survivor! I really love reality tv, and this is one of the shows on my favorites list. The Amazing Race will be starting up soon, and that too is one of my favorites. So I'll do a little rambling about the show, and if you want you can share your thoughts too! :)

At the beginning of the show, those waves were beautiful! I was just in awe of such a creation. The next thing I noticed was the handsome MICK! He'll be my eye candy for the season, I hope he makes it far. He seemed smart, and good at picking the strengths in his team. I think being the chosen leader isn't something I'd want. If something goes wrong or you make a bad decision, that could put your head on the chopping block, even if you show that you can be a strong leader, that could get you in trouble. Shambo.. LOL. Thats all I gots to say about that! :)

I am not really liking the Russel that owns an oil company.. he's creepy, what a jerk for dumping water, burning socks, and throwing Marisa under the bus. The tribe will be kicking themselves later when they realize she was right about him. Russel did toss those bundles of logs really well though, he's definitely strong. I can't believe how he lied about Katrina, that is terrible! What a jerk!!! Calling women stupid isn't going to win you points on for me either.

I was surprised at how well Jaison could swim, even in jeans! He was really fast. Good job, I like him already. That water is so pretty! WOW!

I like Betsy too. Not liking the way the country boy is talking to the girls, I think Ashley just secured her the next vote out.

Next show looks really good!

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