August 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 8/31

Its that time again already I moved everything around from last week and updated to this week. I planned everything out for the next month.. I hope it works out with minimal take out. Tuesday or Wednesday we plan to go visit my Mom, so we'll be outta town for the day possibly over night. We'll likely get some take out one of those days.

Monday- Whatever the kiddo and I can find.. daddy works 2-10:30 this day and tuesday. I'll likely make a breakfast before Daddy leaves at noon, and we'll find something to munch on later.

Tuesday- Cheeseburger hamburger helper with bread

Wednesday- Steaks, baked potatoes, and corn

Thursday- Chicken Gorditas

Friday- Meatball Subs with salads

Saturday- Veggie soup with crackers and/or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sunday- Pork Chops with bagged noodles and peas

1 new recipe, for veggie soup. I am sooo excited for soup weather! :)

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