August 23, 2009

Food talk and Menu Plan

The baked ziti recipe was good, lots of cooking but good. I didn't like the turkey we tried. I thought we'd try ground turkey for this recipe since we haven't had it before, but I disliked it. Chris didn't mind it and Anthony only ate the pasta. I also made my own version of a Pioneer Woman's recipe. They were chicken on a roll, with bacon. I made them into Chicken BLTs. THEY WERE GOOOOOD! We'll definately have them again! We just had fries on the side but next time I might do some pasta salad. Chris really enjoyed them as well as myself.

This week we'll only have one new recipe if I make it. It was to be for today but since we went boating yesterday I am bumping it.. not sure which day it will be bumped too. The last week was sooo stinking hot I could hardly cook, but today is great, so I'll make some brownies to go with dinner. :) I can't wait for fall.. I even got Mums already out on the porch! Come September 1st, all my fall stuff is getting dug out, I can't wait!

Menu Plan

Sunday- Tacos, soft and crunchy, brownies with nuts
Monday- Taco dip with the leftovers or a pizza, since little bear is at his Gram's. Taco dip is actually a new recipe. I'll post later likely.
Tuesday- Calzone I keep bumping this, I need to make it with the pouches of pizza crust mix taking up room in my pantry.
Wednesday- Meatball subs with salad, and pineapple
Thursday- Grilled steaks, creamy green beans, and baked potato bar.
Friday- bbq chicken bites, rice, and corn
Saturday- Burgers, fries, pickles, and hot dogs
Sunday- Spaghetti with meatballs, and bread
Monday- Hamburger helper Cheese burger macaroni with bread
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Chicken casserole
Thursday-Pork chops, bagged pasta, and peas
Saturday- SHOPPING DAY :)


Mardi said...
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Victoria said...

I am sorry.. what? When we have things with pasta sauce, onions, pepppers, mushroom, and such are added in. You see my dinner menus, but we often have salads for lunch quite a bit during the week. We also use romaine lettuce more than iceberg for the extra nutrition. I didn't see where I asked for advice on my menu.. we have a garden actually. So please take your advice else where, Mardi--PA.