June 19, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Tomorrow we'll celebrate Anthony's 4th birthday! He won't be 4 until the 24th, but we're having his party during the weekend, its just easier that way. I just can't believe my little one isn't much of a little one anymore.. it hasn't seemed like 4 years have gone by already. He's grown up to be quite the cutie pie, with a hint of sassyness in him too, I am not sure where he gets that from. He's a smart little fella, who fills all of our hearts with love and pride. Here are some little quips about Anthony:

He loves butter butter sandwiches which are really pb&j. I could feed them to him for all 3 meals and he'd be fine.

He loves Apple juice the best, but really always ask for sweet tea, which I allow him to have a small amount here and there.

He loves to be running around outside.

He loves his tubby time too.

He crawls up on my lap in the morning and at night to snuggle.

He loves Max & Ruby, and Calliou the most.

He's a skinny and tall little fella, which makes it hard to find clothing that fits right.

Lastly, we have little sayings we do.. I love you to the moon, I love you to the stars, I love you to the sun..and back :)

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