June 14, 2009

Menu Plan For The Rest of June :)

Ok so I have been menu planning just not posting lately.. we moved, working on the house, having family in, enjoying all the weather.. and lastly a recipe slump.. so that is why. :) Here goes for the rest of the month, since we moved the grocery store is no longer 2 mins. away, more like 30 mins away, so I decided to plan most of it for the rest of the month, then when I go in for milk I can grab some fresh produce along the way. Here goes..

Sunday- Grilled steaks, BLT Cesar salads.
Monday- Daddy has to cook we'll be gone, Tuna helper, with peas.
Tuesday- Homemade pizza
Wednesday-Picnic for DelGrosso's amusement park.
Thursday- Tacos with chips and salsa
Friday-BLT's with zesty fries
Saturday- Anthony's 4th Birthday BASH! Potluck picnic style..
Sunday-Father's day Homemade shrimp scampi and maybe some steak tips
Monday- Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. *easy since daddy's not home for dinner*
Tuesday-Smothered chicken with rice and corn
Wednesday- Anthony's 4th Birthday Anthony's choice, we'll likely go out for pizza
Thursday-Sweet and sour chicken, rice, and broccoli (homemade chinese night)
Friday- Mini meatloaves, tater salad, baked beans
Saturday-Fried chicken legs, lo sides
Sunday-Pulled pork sammies, with hot crash potatoes or tater wedges
Monday-Sloppy joes, with taters tots.
Tuesday- Smoked sausage with pasta or something..

Desserts- Jello with fruit, strawberry short cakes, ice cream, if there is a cooler night I'll make a cake.

I am thinking up some yummy 4th of July stuff too. Chris and I went on our first date on July 4th, 2004 :) 5 years ago.

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