June 30, 2009

Birthday Party & Summer fun

Here's my precious, beautiful, and amazing 4 year old. Yes, he's now 4... I can't believe it.

His birthday party was scheduled to be at the local park that we used last year, but here in PA, we've been having a cool and rainy summer. His party was on a Saturday, and on Thursday and Friday it was pouring, so I figured the park would be flooded, I called all our guest and had them come to our Grandparents basement. They have a nice basement that could hold all our family and friends we invited. Now that we live in a little country cottage, having 30+ people wouldn't go over well. Plus, it was much easier to clean up the concrete floors and borrow chairs and tables from our Grandma's church.

The birthday party went pretty well, other than I didn't get the pictures I'd liked to get, thats what happens when you let the Daddy run the camera,they just don't understand all the aspects. I am hoping some family members will e-mail me the pictures they have taken, they come out nice too, since its from their angle on things. The cake place that we ordered from last year messed up this year, I was very disappointed and did file a complaint. Last year they did a great job, this year they forgot to write on it, and it was very sloppy.. good thing it tasted good.

Anthony was blessed with many gifts and some money. This year was nice cause he could finally get some outdoor toys. We've lived in an apartment all his life with no yard, so this was a real treat. He got a 3 lane slip-n-slide, a sprayer that shoots balls out, and a skip it sprinkler. All 3 are great! With his birthday money he went to DelGrosso's amusement park, which is now only 20 mins. away from us. Its just a small place, but he had a great time. The weather was great, likely the hottest day we've had this year, it was 94* out when we left the park that evening. We had a great time with our little no longer 3 year old. He says he can't wait till he is 5..I sure can!

He's not that skinny, he's sucking it in.

Getting shade from Daddy :)

Riding the train that circles the park :)

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