February 28, 2009

Menu Plan

Sunday- Roast, carrots, stuffing, and taters
Monday- Soft and crunchy tacos
Tuesday-Hot roast beef sammies, fries or noodles, peas
Wednesday- Cheeseburger Pasta, green beans, garlic toast
Thursday-Skillet bbq pork chops, fried taters, corn
Friday- Fish, mac and cheese, homemade tartar sauce, and broccoli
Saturday- Chicken in italian dressing, fancy rice that has mixed veggies in.

This weeks desserts will be: Peanut butter blossoms and probably brownies.

Happy March Ya'll. Hope Spring comes soon!

Visit http://orgjunkie.com/ for more ideas :)

1 comment:

Sonshine said...

yummy menu!

My skillet porkchops were lemon pepper seasoning. Sprinkle with lemon pepper and cook and towards the end add a little water to get all the brown crispies off the bottom of the pan. :)

Thanks for stopping by!