February 17, 2009

Spring Spring Spring...

I am so sick of winter already. I know I know, it's February but seriously I cannot wait for April. January went by pretty fast, and we're over half way threw February, so soon, in the blink of an eye it will be April. I didn't get all my January goals done.. but I did get rid of all the baby clothes I had stashed from Little Bear, I can't believe how much stuff I had saved, and it was kinda heartbreaking for me to give it all away. I really do want another baby, but that is another post for another day I suppose.

So I do have some goals for Feb/March. I want to get the closet I cleaned out straightened up. I am thinking about putting in a book shelf for movies and little bear's board games and such. I guess we'll see. I just can't wait to throw open the windows and breathe in the fresh air of spring, and hear the birds chirping! We did have one or two days last week that were really nice, unfortunately little bear got a stomach bug the one day. I hate when he is sick, and luckily I dodged that one and didn't get sick myself.

We had a nice Valentine's day together, and all got a few nice gifts. My sweetie got me the Paula Deen set of pants I have been eyeing up, they are beauties, but I took them back since I have 3 sets of pants floating around already. He figured he would get them for me because I wouldn't get them for myself. They were only a want not a need, and plus the boxed sets aren't really the useful pants. Little bear and I made dinner for Daddy too, my 3 year old proudly made shrimp with butter and herbs, with little help from Mama. I am getting quite the little chef on my hands. :)

So here is my goal list for Feb./March-

  • Limit take out
  • Cook more with Anthony
  • Get Anthony's room really organized and buy blinds for his windows
  • Decorate for Easter
  • Start my Easter basket treat hunting (I start early and get lots of little things)
  • Buy shoe rack for front door area and put shoes there!!
  • Clean off front porch and maybe get a potted plant (sweet, toss, shake out rugs, clean door)
  • Paint front room (color still undecided)
  • Get a budget fixed after lay-off.
  • Dig out spring clothes and figure out who needs what (march) keep an eye on clearance.
  • Go threw clothes again. (toss, give away, donate)
I think that is all for now.. :)
Think Spring!!

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