December 29, 2008

Goals for January

So I thought it'd be nice to post my goals for each month of the year, and hopefully enjoy checking off my list before the following month comes along. A new year would be the perfect time to start, and lucky me, the new year is a few short days away!

  • Eat out only 2 times a month.--We have already went for Lunch once this month..

  • Clean up all Christmas related things, and neatly pack them away in the Christmas tote. I got this done!! Little Bear went to grandma's over night so I figured it was the best time to get it done and over with. I also went out to the antique place and got a cute snowman for on the tree with Little Bear's name on it and a Santa Claus sign that says Merry Christmas for 4.50 total to pack up for next year, along with some half off window clings and candy jars from the Dollar Tree. I even threw away some stuff!! :)

  • Organize the storage closet. Toss any un-needed junk.

  • Clean out living room closet and get rid of baby clothes, since we are done with having children.

  • Eat healthier, and find more healthy desserts rather than chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

  • Go threw clothes and make room for some upgrades.-- I went threw all Little Bear's clothes and toss some stained up ones, and packed the others up for a friend's little boy who is a year younger.

  • Get both desk clutter free, including the drawers.-- I do have one desk done and a drawer of the other done. And all the Christmas decorations off.

  • Work on a monthly budget so we can get something saved.

  • Clean out the freezer and deep freeze and organize. Wash out entire fridge.-- I did neatly pack up 14 packs of pork chops, they were boneless @ 1.49 a pound, can't beat that around here!!

So those are a few of my goals, I'll cross them off as I go, and add more if I can think of some.

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Anonymous said...

Great goals!

Two suggestions for you:
1) The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey- I got this book from the library and it's great, in terms of helping create a budget, looking at your money goals, etc. My hubby and I have different paycheck amounts everytime, which makes it hard to budget but Dave has a plan for that, too, and that has made a BIG different.

2) - this is a website that allows you to plug in all your accounts (credit cards, bank accounts, etc) and track everything in one place. YOu don't enter any account numbers, just name each account, enter a starting balance and then add entries as needed.

This has helped give me a real overall picture of my finances and doesn't take a whole lot of time once you set everything up.

Good luck on you goals!