June 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Already the end of June?? Where'd time go? I wonder even more where the last 6 years have went? My little fella will be 6 on Friday, how can that be? And my little lady.. 6 weeks! :( I don't know if my poor heart can handle them growing up so fast! Here's this week's menu plan..

Monday- Chinese buffet at home.
Tuesday- MIL's for dinner
Wednesday- Crockpot bbq country ribs, mac salad, and baked beans
Thursday- Calzone and salads
Friday- Anthony's Birthday, if we get a chance to go out we will but Daddy works till 6pm. Perhaps we'll go to the local amusement park with Grandma during the day if its not too hot for the wee girl.
Saturday- Skillet lasagna and if there is salad stuff still here that too, maybe garlic toast. I gotta get making some cup cakes and whatever else I get figured out for his birthday party.
Sunday- Anthony's birthday party in the evening.. hard to tell what we'll have during the day..

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Rita said...

Hi Victoria,
I'm visiting from Curbside Creations. I don't know about the contact button, I couldn't find one for you either hmmmm....
oh well. Yes please send me a picture of your trash to treasure find!! I'd love to help!!