November 15, 2010

I'm baaacccckkkk!

Hello anyone who reads my blog! I haven't been here awhile, and frankly I miss it! Lots has happened since I have blogged last.. I spent the summer working at the little ice cream shop up the road so we could do fun family stuff, I took care of my Hubby's grandmother who was sick with cancer, who sadly went with Jesus at the end of August, sent my little fella off to Kindergarten (sniff sniff), and found out we're EXPECTING!! Yay! We'll be bringing home a new baby in May God willing!! Life is so bittersweet and things change in a blink. I now work full time outside of the home and really miss being a SAHM, but once Hubs finds more work I hope to work only part time so I can still have time and energy for things at home that I love so much. So there ya have it, doesn't sound like a lot but I am one busy chica.. see you soon lovlies!

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