January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Sunday/Monday

So finally on the wagon for sure. We've already messed up our only going out to eat 2 times a month resolution :( why is it so hard? When we don't have a menu plan we resort to pizza and chinese! So back on track we go!!

Jan. 10th-17th.

Saturday- Tacos, soft and crunchy, with the fixin's.

Sunday- Sweet-n-tangy Pot Roast, red potatoes, and carrots.

Monday-@ MIL's, Roasted Chicken, stuffing, mashed, gravy, and something else.

Tuesday-Chicken Parm. seasoned angel hair pasta, and green beans.

Wednesday-Pancakes and bacon

Thursday-Tacos again (we love them)

Friday-Homemade pizza

Saturday-hot dogs, mac and cheese, and onion rings. (going to try out my new fryer)

I am trying the sweet-n-tangy pot roast for the first time. It was posted on the host site last week and I happen to have all the ingrediants on hand. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Your menus look good! You're right; planning does help avoid the last-minute-buy-food-out option. We eat out each Sunday (4x/month), so 2x/month sounds really good to me. Good for you!