January 04, 2009

Menu Plan Sunday/Monday

Monday- Chili Mac and salads. I already had frozen some chili, so I'll mix it with some elbow noodles and hope it's good.

Tuesday- BBQ Pork Chops, Bagged noodles, and some veggies or if there's any salad left we'll eat that too.

Wednesday- Salmon Cakes, Mac and Cheese, and peas.

Thursday- Hamburger Helper Lasagna and garlic toast.

Friday- Take out maybe or some chicken nuggets, tater tots, pizza rolls, and fries *junk*

Sat- Chicken stir fry that I have in the freezer

Sun- not too sure, maybe sweet-n-tangy pot roast I saw on Laura's page.

As you can see I need to go shopping. And I didn't follow my menu much from last week either.
I fell off the wagon. :(

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