November 23, 2008

Easy as pie Pumpkin Cake

This was a method recipe that I altered for us.

It was simply a yellow box cake mix, and 15 oz. of solid pack pumpkin. I got the cake mix for a buck and the pumpkin for about 1.60. Your to just mix them together and make muffins, but I wanted a cake, so I mixed it and as the one recipe I saw suggested I added one egg, and a few splashes of orange juice.

Now that it is cooled I will make a simple cream cheese icing. The cream cheese was a buck too, and I have the other stuff on hand, I suppose the recipe if you already have orange juice could cost around 5 bucks! My kinda dessert if you ask me, and my 3 year old got to help. Will post some pictures later.

I love simple desserts since groceries already cost so much. Take care.

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