August 31, 2008

Ahh, it's almost September.

I love fall, I love it much more than winter and summer. Tomorrow is my first day of fall. September is such a beautiful month, and at this time next year I will almost ready to wed my darling Chris. We are at the moment planning a Sept. 19th, 2009 wedding, so this month I will have to get all the stuff done such as checking out the reception hall, and getting a pastor. Tonight or tomorrow I will start digging out my fall decorations, if I do it any sooner Chris will think I have lost it :-) He is super excited for Football season. I am hoping to take our little one to a home game for our high school we both attended, after all its where I first laid eyes on him. At the time I was just a silly little underclassmen and he was a hot senior :-) But who knew he'd be mine a few short years later? That is a story for a different day. This morning the sun is sunny, and my munchkin is still in bed at almost 10:30am..weird. He loves to sleep in, and I do love that about him. I am wanting to take him to a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and other fun fall festivities..this will be the perfect year for it since he is finally 3 he can talk much much better, and explore the world we adventurous eyes. I love taking him new places and having him tell me about them. He went to an Altoona Curve game with Daddy, and Pappy a few weeks ago and when he came home I could tell by the look on his face he had an amazing time. He told me how they hit the ball with the bat, and ran after it, while the other guy was running the bases. They even let the kiddos run the bases themselves after the game is over. He got himself a collector ball when he first entered the stadium then he got a foul ball from a girl who must have found him adorable (how couldn't she). This year Anthony will be about to pick out his own pumpkin, and really get his hands in carving it with his Daddy. Last year he kinda just watching and messed in the pumpkin guts. Oh yes, now I am thinking of a wonderful roasted pumpkin seed recipe, I'll have to look...yummo. I might even do a small pumpkin party for a few of my girlfriends' little could be fun. I was thinking we could paint little pumpkins, and eat some yummy snacks. And my friend's little ones happen to be Anthony's pals. He can host his on lil get together. Ok enough ramblings for the morning, I need to hop in the shower before my sleepy head awakes. Happy Harvest.

I would just like to express my condolences to the people suffering the effects of the hurrican season. I will keep you in my prayers.

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